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Sacred Selfie: Man in the Image of God part 5 Our relationship to work

Pastor Dave Katsma
Sunday October 28th 2018

The bookof Genesis tells us that Mankind was made in the image of God.  That foundational truth makes a difference in how we related to God, to ourself, to others and to our creation. In this message we focus on how Adam and Eve were commanded to tend and watch over the Garden and how sin impacted that responsibility.  In this message we focus on the task that we are given in our day in what we call, WORK.  How do we relate to work as Christians in a fallen world?  How are we to represent God in our work?  Some of these questions will be the focus on part 5 of Sacred Selfie.

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My Prayer:

It is my prayer that you will find MarshView to be a place where you can be encouraged in the faith, be challenged to grow deeper in your relationship with God, no matter your starting place; and that you find hope for your life in the words and message of Jesus Christ.  Christianity is more than just a religious tradition and faith is more than wishful thinking.
Christianity is a meaningful, life changing relationship with God through Christ where people find hope, healing and wholeness in life.  Faith is living confidently because of Christ no matter what our trial – past or present.  MarshView Ministries is more than just a church, it is a place of connecting with God and others in a meaningful way where you can experience His love.
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