Building Relationships with God...and with each other.
Worship at 10 am every Sunday

About Us

We welcome you to MarshView Ministries in Horicon, WI. MarshView Community Church has made an impact in Horicon and its surrounding areas by presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ in new and impacting ways. People coming to MarshView enjoy a feeling of love and fellowship as we grow together. Learning more about Christ and how his love for us has impacted our own ability to love each other.


Our Mission:
To help people build a deep and lasting relationship with God and with each other. Finding God’s direction in life by experiencing Him and living out that experience through creative ministries, new and impacting worship, and integrity in leadership at all levels of ministry. 


Our Vision:
God will use MarshView Ministries to impact Horicon
and the surrounding area.

Young people and young families will join together with all others to worship God, strengthen each other, and challenge others to faith in Christ Jesus.

This ministry will reach out effectively by starting new churches in nearby communities when leaders are trained and God provides the opportunity.

Our Story:

MarshView Ministries began as a new church start in February of 1998.  Desiring to start a ministry that connects with people who may have been turned off or hurt by the church, MarshView’s goal has been to see people as individuals - not dollar signs or people who can volunteer for the next church “project”.   Throughout these years we have remained very relational, very personal and very intentional about connecting with people no matter what their background.  We are a diverse group of people from different communities, different background, different ages and different places on our faith journey.
We may not be large in numbers, but we are big on welcoming people into a new or deeper relationship with Jesus.

MarshView Ministries is part of a greater body of faith called the Christian Reformed Church of North America.  It consists of about 2000 churches in the US and Canada.  To find out more about what MarshView believes and what the Christian Reformed Church stands for and offers click on the link on this page.