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Weekly Bulletins

Bulletin 3.31.24

Welcome to our celebration of Christ’s Resurrection.  Starting at 9 am, a continental breakfast in the lower level of the church is available for the early arrivals, otherwise we welcome you to the Easter Service where Pastor Dave will be sharing the hope and the purpose of Christ’s resurrection power for your life.  If you are visiting this morning we want you to know that we are really grateful that you chose to be here this morning and we hope that your time with us is a blessing. 


Following the Easter service, we have an Easter Egg hunt for the kids to enjoy.  


Thank you to all those who brought in food for the breakfast this morning.


In April, MarshView is hosting another blood drive for the Red Cross.  We could use about 4 or 5 volunteers to help.


The Children’s Church ministry is in need of staffing. We could use two or three people to go downstairs on a rotating basis during the sermon time to lead a short lesson and activity.  Talk with pastor Dave if you would like to help with this ministry to our children.  Sandi did a great job and we appreciated her time, her service and her commitment to that ministry. Ministry cannot survive on just one person doing it, we are a ministry and a church that can work together to spur one another on in our faith.


Pastor Dave really encourages everyone to sign up for this  Saturday’s  (April 6th ) seminar/workshop here at MarshView Ministries called Thriving Essentials.  This interactive seminar and workshop will look at 4 crucial areas of ministry, “Witness, Discipleship, Discernment and Leadership”.  It will be led by Trudy Ash from Pease, Minnesota who works with the Christian Reformed Denomination in Congregational Ministries.  It will go from 9 am to 2:30 pm with a lunch provided.  It is open to all who call MarshView their home church and would like to invest in its future ministry and growth.  It is a time to interact with others in the congregation about ministry.  Trudy says she would like as many people from MarshView to participate as possible no matter what level of participation you are currently engaged in.  It is not only a time to talk about ministry, but it is also a time for spiritual growth for all of us as well.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with MarshView from its beginning or just started coming, your perspective and input is desired.


Prayers for Zack Larson who has been having some severe medical issues as of late and with no real diagnosis yet.  Pray that the doctors gain insight into helping with his pain and that God brings the healing in his body.


Continue to pray for Kim Hamilton as she continues her long battle with her infections and amputation. 


On Friday, May 3rd, MarshView will hold another Italian night with a fully decorated church to look like an Italian restaurant and with salad, lasagna, garlic bread and dessert.  It will taste “delizioso”.  This is for you, for friends, family and neighbors and the community to attend.  More details to come soon.


Continue to pray for revival in our community and the surrounding area.  We can pray that God’s Spirit move and bring revival to our church and to our community and may we have the opportunity to witness God move in our church.


This week at MarshView:


Tuesday:   Prayer Group meets at 6 pm at church, New Directions support group meets at church at 7 pm. 

Saturday:  Thriving Essentials workshop starting at 9 am.  We encourage everyone to join in.