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Bulletin 4/10/2022

This Friday is our Good Friday service which begins at 6:30 pm.  It is a reflective service and a time to help us understand the significance of Christ’s death.  We will also be celebrating communion as part of our time of reflection. 


Easter morning MarshView serves a continental breakfast from 9 to 9:45 in the basement of the church. The food for this is brought in by volunteers, so if you would like to volunteer to bring in something like fruit, juice, milk, Danish, eggs, whatever you would like to bring, there is a sign-up sheet on the back information table.  


Women’s bible study on Esther will be this Thursday evening at 9 am at church.  All women are welcome to attend.  


Easter is a time to consider inviting someone to join us here at MarshView for our Easter service.  Easter is a time of the year when people consider attending a service and are willing to accept an invite.  If you enjoy the grace given to you that is affirmed at Easter, someone you know may also need to be uplifted by Christ’s grace. Pray and seek an open door to invite someone you know. 


Cornelius Katsma began his treatments this past week and all went really well.  Continue to pray through the rest of the month that the treatments achieve the desired goal of reducing the tumors and putting the cancer in remission. 


Addiction and addictive behaviors have ravaged our country and it hits close to home.  This Tuesday evening at 7 pm, there will be an individual from a dual county service (Dodge and Green Lake counties) that will bring awareness about the problems in our local county and cities as well as information on how to access help for those struggling with addictions.  It is a meeting that will be open to anyone who is interested in learning more about what help is available in our area. 


There will be no Coffee and Conversation at Higher Grounds Coffeehouse this Tuesday.  Stay tuned when the next one will take place. 


On Sunday April 24th, we will all have the opportunity to hear the testimony and witness the work that God is doing in the lives of a number of people who wish to join MarshView Ministries.  We thank God for what he is doing in the lives of these individuals and look forward to hearing from them.  Help celebrate by being here to witness this special event. 


MarshView has not had a staffed nursery for quite some time.  Though we have not had people with infants or toddlers attending the church, we should again prepare ourselves in case we have visitors with young children.  If there would be people willing to be available if a need occurs, that we could help provide nursery attendants either on an “as need basis or to begin scheduling nursery attendants on a regular” basis then serve if the need arises. Our wish is to re-establish young families in the church and having an available nursery may be an aspect that might keep a young family coming back and participating.  If you would like to help plan the working out of this ministry, talk with Pastor Dave.  


This week at MarshView:


Tuesday:  Prayer Group meets at 6 pm at church, New Directions support group meets at church at 7 pm 

Thursday:  Women’s bible study at 9 am at church. 

Friday:  Good Friday Service at 6:30 pm


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