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Weekly Bulletins

Bulletin 2.04.24

This morning we have the opportunity to welcome into membership of the church, Dave and Darlene Bouwkamp, Doreen Eicher, Zach Larson and Carl Ray.  It is a time of celebration for them and all of us.  We have the opportunity to listen to what God has done and is doing in their life as they commit to expressing their love of God in this setting.


This morning we also share the opportunity for communion.  Communion is the special recognition of Jesus’ death and his willingness to die on the cross for our sins and to assume the penalty for us. It is more than a memorial, in faith it is the assurance that God is faithful to his word and his promises to his people.  If you have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord you are welcome to take communion with us.  If not, take time to observe and pray for understanding and acceptance of God’s gift of grace.  We ask that children not take communion unless they have accepted Jesus as savior, have an age appropriate understanding of that and have been taught the meaning and significance of communion in this church or another. If you have questions, talk with Pastor Dave before the service.


Following the service, there is the all-church potluck lunch you are invited to stay for.

Another Red Cross Blood Drive is again coming to MarshView this Wednesday, February 7 from 12-5. A Sign-up sheet is on the back table for help is needed.  Also, please consider being a donor for there is an urgent blood storage. Invite friends, neighbors and others you encounter to give blood. It is also a way for people to enter into the church as encounter MarshView’s members as well as we serve our community and the needs of those who need blood.


Crochet church is this Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm at Doreen Eicher’s home.  Whether you are an avid crocheter (is that a word?)  or want to learn, you can attend because it is a time of fellowship, with a bible devotion and prayer along with crocheting.  Ask Doreen for directions in you need to know where she lives. 


Your invited to watch the Super Bowl here at church on Sunday afternoon, February 11th at 5ish (kick off at 5:30).  Bring along a snack if you like, we will make some popcorn and there will be other foods as well. We will watch it on the big TV downstairs and fellowship.  Remember like all things here at MarshView, it is open to friends as well. 


A few people gathered together to talk about and plan out events and opportunities for the coming year at MarshView.  Pastor Dave has updated the church website with these dates so they will come up on the church calendar and the front page in the upcoming events for the week.  Lent bible meal and bible studies begin on Wednesday February 28th with a meal at 5:30 and study at 6 pm.


Please consider your ongoing support of MarshView Ministries for the coming year.  Yes, financial contributions are crucial to sustaining our ministry, but contributions come in ways of serving, participating, inviting and attending on a regular basis.  Be the church as well as go to church.  It takes many hands contributing to see a ministry thrive.


This week at MarshView:


Tuesday:   Prayer Group meets at 6 pm at church, New Directions support group meets at church at 7 pm.

Next Sunday: Super Bowl party at church starting at 5ish pm.