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Thoughts on Corona Virus

Congregation of MarshView Ministries


I would like to make a few comments concerning the current and unusual state we find ourselves in concerning Covid-19.


I am neither and alarmist nor am I dismissive of the severity or the urgency of what is happening.


I know there are a lot of emotions affecting all of us.  There is fear, frustration, anger and mixed into that is levity at all the actions and reactions and some of it is just a sense of “get over it.” 


I can say I have in some way or another have experienced all those emotions.  I too have probably spent far too much time over the past couple of days on social media getting my information about this, rather than news sources or the CDC or other reputable institutions.  I know many don’t trust main stream media or our government for accuracy, instead go to Mayo Clinic or other reputable hospital sites for information.


I just want to say that to err is human and to forgive divine.  We all are in uncharted territory right now and most of us are not exactly sure what we is the right thing to do or what next steps to take. We will make mistakes that some will see as too cautious and some will see as not cautious enough. Some of the decisions we as a church and as a society may be wrong, but we should let grace and understanding prevail.   We must care about ourselves, but also for those around us.


We have the opportunity here to approach this using our best judgment, don’t be reactionary and if your opinion is different than someone else’s, treat each other with respect.


We, as Christians and as the church, need to be caring and sharing both with each other and our neighbors. Christians have travelled down roads much worse than this and have often been given the opportunity to be salt and light and to be Christ-Like to those around us.


If there is a need that any of us have, please share it with each other.  We will attempt within what we can to share out of need, not necessarily out of fears or panic.  We don’t have a lot of resources as a church, but we have each other and people resources are more valuable than anything else.  


Keep this situation in prayer.  There will be people we know or we ourselves may be infected by it, but we will all be affected by it.  


As far as future church services and groups go, my best approach right now is to see what the next week brings, to listen to you and what you think, take that into consideration.    We will keep everyone informed if we too cancel services and groups. The website will be updated for announcements concerning this and you can always call or text me.  Even if we don’t gather we are still the church and this too shall pass.

Pastor Dave Katsma