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by Pastor Dave on July 5, 2016
Celebrating was the thing to do this past 4th of July.  People around the country took off work, if they could, and engaged in a host of different activities celebrating the founding of our nation.  My family has a long tradition of celebrating the 4th by going on a picnic and then checking out the firework display in the neighboring community of Friesland, WI.  This year we were able to attend two firework displays, we were able to see Mayville on Sunday night and Friesland’s on Monday night.  At both events there were thousands of people there watching the display of bright lights and thunderous booms of aerial rockets.
I did the children’s message on Sunday the 3rd, one kid brought up sparkers.  I used that opportunity with the 4th approaching to talk about celebrating.  It’s fun looking forward to picnics, family gatherings and fireworks once a year on the 4th, but as a Christian I wonder how often we really look forward to and anticipate celebrating worship each and every Sunday?  How often do we anticipate and look forward to celebrating communion?
Each and every Sunday is a celebration as we remember the reason why we possess salvation, the belief that Jesus died for our sins and his resurrection from the dead assures us of eternal life.  That is worth celebrating!  Yet I fear that too often we just don’t anticipate and we don’t celebrate worship, but instead go through the motions and maybe even pick apart the aspects of the service that didn’t connect with us, or what we would like to have sung, seen or heard. 
Recently I read an article in a Christian magazine on worship that talked about the focus of worship is less about Jesus and more about personal preference or style.  We’ve lost a focus on WHO and WHAT we gather for in worship.  Worship, in its purist form is a celebration of Jesus and His gift of grace to a saved community of believers.
As I heard the crowd the other night OOOWWW and AAAHHHH over the bright skyward display, I contemplated the sounds of awe and worship that does, or doesn’t, come out of our mouths on a Sunday morning worship service directed to the One who gives true freedom from the tyranny we had been indentured to, Satan.  May we remember the great gift of that freedom and celebrate every Sunday with a sense of awe and wonder every Sunday and every day.